Experience Porsche on iPad and iPhone with Porsche 360° app

The Porsche 360° app provides an almost real-life driving sensation. Having downloaded the app from the Apple App store to the iPad (1, 2), iPhone (3GS, 4) or iPod Touch (4), users can get on board with Porsche driver Jeroen Bleekemolen for an ultra-fast lap of the Zandvoort circuit. One of the possibilities is to look ahead in order to see how the ideal racing lines are being followed. To see Jeroen Bleekemolen driving, all that has to be done is to move the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to the left. Turning the device by 180 degrees results into a view of the roll-cage of the competition version of the Porsche 911. So, every perspective can be made visible which allows the viewer to get right into the centre of the action. This makes for an extremely realistic sensation. Especially as Jeroen Bleekemolen actively involves his passenger into the ride, for instance by telling that he has reached the famous Tarzan corner.

Next to the Porsche 911 video from the passenger’s perspective, additional footage has been recorded from the rear window with a wide view of the wing. By tilting the device upward while viewing, the sky becomes visible in this video. The first version of the app also allows for getting an up-close view of various overtaking manoeuvres from the front of the new Porsche 911 Carrera GTS. Another feature is a 360° sensation from the driver’s seat of a Porsche Cayenne. The unique Porsche 360° sensations can easily be shared with friends via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter by using the ‘share’ function. This function can be activated by clicking on the screen while the video is playing. Then, the camera icon can be used to generate a screenshot.

A Dutch first

The application has been developed in The Netherlands and commissioned by Pon Porsche Import. The app was produced by shooting film footage with a 360° High Definition camera and connecting these to the accelerometer, the gyroscope and the compass that are included in the iPad and the latest versions of the iPhone and iPad Touch. This enables the device to relate movements into the viewing perspective of the video. This high-tech video technology has been used for such an application for the first time worldwide. Currently, this application is only available in The Netherlands, but it has been placed in the App store in co-operation with Porsche AG.

Further ‘experience-videos’ to come

So far, the Porsche 360° app includes four driving sensations. In the future, regular updates will be implemented to add new driving sensations, literally allowing for a hands-on experience of the unique Porsche feeling. For instance, it will be possible soon to get on board with legendary racing driver Gijs van Lennep for a spectacular test drive with a Porsche Cayman R. Moreover, videos with a nostalgic touch are planned, too. These will enable users of an iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch to enjoy a surveillance ride in a real Porsche 911 Targa as used by the Dutch motorway police in the past. The Porsche 360° is available free of charge at www.porsche.nl/360